Refreshing Watermelon juice

Summer brings many things to Texas. Scorching hot days, tubing down a river, hurricanes, ripe Fredericksburg peaches, and sweet, crisp watermelon. To me, watermelon is the fruit of summer. I have strong memories of eating ice cold watermelon after a long day of swimming and playing. There isn’t any other fruit like it. Sweet, crisp and refreshing. I was given a few watermelons from a friend and decided to try something new with them.  I immediately thought of a drink you can get from the snack shack at Zilker Park here in Austin. Its a cold, and slightly sweet watermelon juice made from fresh watermelons. And that sounded easy and delicious, which is right up my alley! Now, let me say that I usually alter my own recipes as I see fit. Not sweet enough? I add more sugar. Needs more salt? I add it. Don’t be afraid to change up any recipe you come across. Cooking is about making something fit your taste, and if you need to alter measurements, please do! Next time I make this juice, I might try and make a simple syrup with fresh mint in it. Life is too short to not try new things!

Refreshing Watermelon Juice








Ingredients: 2 Servings

2 cups cubed, seedless watermelon

2 cups cold, filtered water

2 tablespoons sugar (or Ideal Brand sugar substitute)

juice of 1/2 lime 


  1. Combine all ingredients into a blender. Replace lid and blend until smooth.
  2. Place small, mesh strainer over a large mason jar or glass. 
  3. Pour watermelon puree through strainer. This removes any watermelon pulp from the juice.
  4. Serve over ice or place in the refrigerator until cold. 
  5. Enjoy!







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