There’s a first for everything!

So I have to admit. I wasn’t planning on starting a blog but after some…okay a lot of encouragement, I have decided to give it a go! Which is great! Here I get to share some of my tried and true recipes as well as share my experiments. Some might go well and others will surely be a fail! But that’s all in the fun! What is life, if we don’t take a few chances here and there? And in the kitchen, a mistake can quickly turn into a huge success! Let me start off by telling you a little about myself!

My name is Crystal and I am a true to heart Texas girl. Born and raised right here! I have a degree in Elementary Education but life never seems to take us where we think it will.Instead of working in a classroom, I had the pleasure of becoming a nanny after the daycare I worked for went out of business  I have been a nanny for 5 years now and I love it more than I ever could have thought! Not only do I get to use my degree in teaching my kiddos how to identify letters, write their names, learn colors, and how to read but I also get to spoil them with my delicious desserts! And I am proud to say that I try to include the kids in baking with me as much as possible! It is a fun, bonding experience, but it also gives me a chance to reinforce counting and help them with following directions. I LOVE to bake. And to cook. Plain and simple!

I hope you enjoy my delicious adventures whether it be cookies or a delicious and easy dinner!